Convention on the Rights of the Child 2003

by Administrator on February 27, 2013


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Initial NGO Report of Aruba, Kingdom of the Netherlands


About this report:

Asociacion Trabao di Hubentud na Aruba – ATHA (Aruban Association of Youth welfare) as participant in the Commission and in her role as umbrella organization for the volunteer child & youth work in Aruba has accepted the responsibility for the writing of this report.

ATHA has 46 Members, i.e. NGO’s that are dedicated to promoting and improving the well-being of children and youth. Together, these member organizations cover the fields of: health care, youth work, judicial care, daycare, community center work, social – and cultural work and scouting.
ATHA-member organizations have been invited to provide both their information and insights.

ATHA also sought the cooperation of the following NGO’s: CEDE-Aruba / Amnesty International / Stichting Kinder&Jeugd Telefoon / Stichting SOS-TeleAyudo / Fundacion Ban Cria Nos Muchanan / Pastoraal Overleg Aruba.

As such the content reflects the views of workers in all fields of the community. Where possible, use has been made of existing reports, notes, discussions, etc.

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